The Benefits of Marijuana

“this is the book you ought to read — is preference to anything else currently available...wind up understanding everything from how pot helps with chemotherapy to why we get the munchies.”
Dean Latimer, Senior Editor High Times

“one of the most well written, comprehensive analyses of marijuana today.”
Dick Cowan, former Director of NORML

“If you would like to be one of those people who seem to know everything important there is to know about marijuana, this is the book you ought to read.  Bello presents it all with balance, lucidity, and a sort of calm spirituality that you rarely encounter... It’s the sort of book you can dig into at random, absorbing nonconsecutive sections at your leisure.”
Dean Latimer, Senior Editor High Times

In England, from the Legalize Cannabis Campaign, in The Hookah:  “Well written, concise, detailed and without any waffle, but easy to comprehend.”

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“A magnificent book.” – The Hookah, Legalize Cannabis Campaign, London, England

“This book makes you want to spark up a joint!” – Jon Hanna, Psychedelic Resource List

“The bibliography alone is worth its weight in gold.” Tom Lyttle, Psychedelic Monographs & Essays

“It’s the first book I’ve wanted to publish in years.” – Guy Mount, SweetLight Books

“I carry your book everywhere, and quote from it constantly.” – Bonnie Kutz, The Hemp Hour

“I love the herb, and it helps my MS tremendously. Now I know why.” – Richard Credit, Love Extensions

“We are proud to be the translators of this long-overdue information.” – K-BAAL, The Netherlands

“Your information has truly re-enforced my reverence for the holy herb.” —  Chris Bennett, author of Green Gold: Marijuana and the Bible

“Your information can make a difference in this un-holy war. Thank you.” —  Eduard, Medical Hemp University

“We feel that getting this vital information out to the elected officials is of utmost importance.” —  Dr. Joanne Pitmann

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