The Benefits of Marijuana

Ask Joan - Benefits of Marijuana

Written to help break through a very destructive and entrenched deep well of ignorance – responsible for depriving millions of this miraculous, natural medicine.
"Straight talk on the essential value of marijuana in today's world"

This book – a one of a kind tribute to the Divinity within The Marijuana Plant – is a brilliant scientific treatise aimed at the average reader, demonstrating the far-reaching benefits for body, mind and spirit to be derived from this ancient therapeutic herb.
Imparts the tenets of holistic health and Eastern philosophy, documenting marijuana as the main thread integrating five thousand years of esoteric traditions aimed at attaining the highest levels of consciousness.
“Regardless of the model used, marijuana resolves conflict by de-emphasizing extreme aggressiveness and stroking the receptive side of human nature.”

For a serious psychosomatic disease such as cancer, the benefits to be derived from marijuana cannot be overstated."

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“this is the book you ought to read — is preference to anything else currently available...wind up understanding everything from how pot helps with chemotherapy to why we get the munchies.”
Dean Lattimer,
Senior Editor, High Times
“one of the most well written, comprehensive analyses of marijuana today.”
Dick Cowan,
former Director of NORML

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